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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Without Ed

Today, I was convinced by my outpatient therapist to read Jenni Schaefer's Life Without Ed. I suppose my resistance to read her memoir surfaces from others' reviews and my own fear-- fear that this book may help me, maybe? After all, I did believe I was the brilliant eating disorder patient who claimed Ed as an abusive significant other. Perhaps I'm afraid I'll be too inspired, or maybe I fear the 'aha' moment, when everything will click. Maybe. But more importantly, I think I've resisted because I still have difficulty separating myself from the eating disorder. It has become such a big part of my life that I've lost sight of who I was beforehand.
For those of you who want to know more about what I may be going through and eating disorders in general, I suggest reading a copy of Schaefer's book. I'm sure it can be found at any library or Barnes & Noble near you and I strongly feel is may help share the insight I am unable to explain in words.


  1. Haha, I was hesitant/resistant to read it for the same reason. Oh NO! It may actually HELP me, hah! Right. Its very helpful, but it seemed a little corny/too happy/positive in the end. But I'm a, I dunno. I think it does help with separating the Ed voice, in fact, it really does work. Hope you read/enjoy it!

  2. Hey Rebecca,

    I read Life Without ED too and found it very inspiring. That said, I honestly think that ED-help books don't necessarily help if you can't find it within yourself to want to recover. But you know what?! I know you can recover because there is so much, so VERY VERY much wonderful things waiting for you in this world. It may be hard to see that now but I assure you, great things will come to you as you gain your health back!!


  3. I'm with Ames on that...I def feel like she made it seem like all rainbows and butterflies.. BUT it kinda gives ED a personality thati was able to separate from. If only this book and Wasted were combined..that would be a great read. It has the dark side and the light side of an eating disorder and then recovery.
    i know the ambivelant feeling of wanting to get better and essentially have a life again not revolving around food and how you look, but i can tell you first hand, even though it's hard as hell, it's incredibly worth it.

    with time and patience.