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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Purple Passions. (Sounds like a delicious name for a smoothie)

"Without passion, one can do nothing. the love that makes one walk a million kilometers to kiss is not foolishness, but wisdom, because that person understands that love is given totally. but without a half, without a project, without the guidance of desire, the fire of passion is extinguished."

This quote, among many others, was included in an e-mail I received back in August. Because I have been at such a loss for words, I was reminded of this person the wonderful words sent to my inbox. As I read in desperate search for inspiration, this particular passage held my attention. Below it, this person wrote, "I included this one because right now your project is yourself." It suddenly dawned on me. This quote summarizes what I have always wanted to represent. I believe passion is the ultimate key to live a meaningful life. This quote also relates back to my theory on happiness. Happiness is something we create, because sure, it's easy to be miserable and get lost in the bask of loneliness and despair. But those who decide they're better than that and those who fight the damn good fight and push themselves to face the pain head on, are the ones who will be happy. And those with passions will see to it that they are happy. 

I, myself, have passions. I want to graduate, travel (and save at some point) the world. I want to learn, inspire and be inspired. I want to reconnect with my spirituality and faith and embrace a love that "makes one walk a million kilometers to kiss." Yet, most importantly, I want to be happy. But I won't get there without putting myself back together. I am my own project right now, though when I'm finished you better be sure I'll be out there, with the intent to make a difference. I want to leave this earth in better condition than when I arrived; However, not in a hospital bed in an eating disorder unit.

What are your passions? What stops you from following them?

I achieved my goal today. My marvelous moment occurred at my Nutritionist's office. Her precious dog greeted me with jaw dropped and a wagging tail. Not sure I remember the last time someone was so excited to see me, hehe.

Have a wonderful evening, and remember-- Happiness is worth it. YOU are worth it.

This post is dedicated to the brilliant and wonderful person who sent me the infamous e-mail. 


  1. "I believe passion is the ultimate key to live a meaningful life."
    "Happiness is something we create"
    again, absolutly.

    inspirational, my dear. Thanks for following my blog. Im now following yours! :)

  2. i love this. my passion is for creativity... not so much one particular form of art, just creativity in general and being able to express myself :)

    so happy that you met your goal today!

    xo hannah

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You're a wonderfully talented writer, and I can't wait to keep reading :)