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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Perhaps the one aspect of life in Pennsylvania that I am able to enjoy is appreciation for the change in seasons. I've recently decided that autumn is my favorite, by far because of all it has to offer: 
Rich colors paint beautiful landscapes,
autumn | Tumblr

warmth and comfort is found in earth's abundance of nourishments 

and the apparel is made with gorgeous, comfortable & plentiful material without suffocation
 (i.e. turtlenecks!)

Autumn is the beautiful transition from a wet & wild summer to a warm & cozy winter and from summer flings to holiday love & lust. It is also the period during which families are reunited and give thanks for all to be grateful for. This past fall has been especially important to me as I, like the seasons, have made transitions. I have gone from a decayed, sun-burnt body and soul to one that has been renewed (or re-energized) and rejuvenated with vibrancy. Throughout my recovery process a significant amount of time has been spent on mindfulness on the beauty that 'falls' (pun intended) around me. Though I continue to face my demons and even lose the occasional battle each and every day, this season has offered tremendous significance in my life and I am forever grateful. 

As my series on a search for passions ends I have given great thought to the next segment. From now until Thanksgiving I will recall all that I am thankful for and all whom I share gratitude and appreciation for. The story of this next hero holds a dear place in my Jewish heart. Sir Nicholas Winton, a London stockbroker, heard stories from friends in Prague of Jews losing their jobs and homes under Nazi occupation, during World War II. He feared the worse was yet to come and decided to do something. Winton decided to save as many Czech children as he could as he masterminded their incredible escape. He raised money, begged the British government to grant visas, chartered trains and found families in England to adopt the children.  ABC News wrote a story about this rescuer of 669 Holocaust children who was honored by survivors.

Every hero and significant contributer I have mentioned have dedicated their lives to supporting a similar cause-- aid to children. As I have mentioned plenty of times, I am extraordinarily passionate about children, as I believe they are our angels of the future. I can only hope to improve or impact some life of a precious child as a thanks for the daily struggles life entails and for the brighter future our world has to offer.

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." 
-Mother Teresa 


  1. beautiful as usual, this makes my week brighter to read :)
    i totally want to swim in those leaves, they are gorgeous!
    i think you will have a wonderful impact on so many lives my dear, especially children, you have so much teach and teach it so eloquently and insightfully, all anyone can do is benefit from learning from you.
    thank you so much for your support :) i think i may be somewhat understanding the stats as of now, hopefully, eh.
    love love hope you have a peaceful and restful night :)

  2. i love the quote from Mother Teresa.

    beautiful post, rebecca.

    fall is beautiful. the colour, clothes, smells, freinds.. it all comes together so perfectly.

  3. I am LOVING the colorful leaves right about now. It brightens my day! Soon they'll be gone :(

  4. you really made me crave the wonderful season of autumn mow. that is really the number one thing i miss about now living in a northern hemisphere country. i love how you said this season brings us together and how we give thanks for all that we have.

  5. beautiful post. gratitude is so important.

  6. Fall is my absolute favorite season too, especially in the suburbs. The colors, weather and fashion are all great! There is such a warm feeling going from fall into the holiday season too. I love it.

  7. everything about this post is so beautiful - the vibrancy of the colors, the power of that piece of history, the sincerity of your words. i adore the way you inspire me to think beyond struggles with the body or with food, but to look at life overall and really dig deep into it. xoxoxo.

  8. loved reading this post. i also have realized how amazing fall is thsi year (prob from the blog world) haha but i love children as well! you are so sweet and insightful :)


  9. one thing about living in l.a. is that i dont' get to see the leaves change!!! waaah

  10. thank you for such wonderful comments! you are so sweet :)

    i love/live for autumn! there is so much comfort in this season. fashion, foods, foliage, traditions, holidays, decor... it makes me so happy. and also very blessed for living this life of mine, with such wonderful people surrounding me. its great that as we grow older we learn to really appreciate what this season is all about.

    oh! the watercolors at christopher kane were so beautiful! love.

    enjoy your night!
    xo brooke

  11. Wow! Love it! I grew up in PA (near Reading) and I live in CA now, but that one thing that i miss the most is the fall! All those gorgeous colors and the air is so perfect.
    Its absolutely beautiful! Love all the vibrancy and the warmth.

  12. I am sure you are impacting so many lives already with your lovely writing and you will continue to do so. You have a heart of gold and I know that God will use you for His glory! =) Loving that quote too!!


  13. I read your story, sad and so beautiful. You are worth recovery, I am most definitely in it for the long hall as well!
    I love purple =] and I love that you did a few of your favorite things post, Autumn is BEAUTIFUL! I did one too, although mine was mostly pix =] I really like your blog, and would love to add you to my blog role?
    ( )