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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Morning, beautiful

This morning I woke up to the sound of water running, the smell of coffee brewing and the sight of a thin layer of frost blanketing the yard. As I sat up and stretched, I could only think, "I feel pretty content right now. I'm ready to embrace the day. No, not ready. I'm excited."

Though everyone has there own battles, mine does not appear to be as excruciating, today. I have a family who loves me, friends who support me and a whole life to look forward to. Surely I could dwell on my mistakes, faults and imperfections, but to what extent will those thoughts lead me to the brighter future I dream of?

I need to mention someone who has changed my life and helped me progress to where I am today. This beautiful, talented, strong young lady has been like a long lost sister to me. From the first time we sat, hovered over our massive piles of hospital cafeteria food until now, Brittni and I have confided, trusted and supported each other. We like to joke that we are each other's 'rocks' because how grounded we keep ourselves. I look at her and see such beauty, such potential. I know she could WILL be successful in good time. I am baffled every time I see sadness and hopelessness in your eyes because I just can't understand why she doesn't see what I see in her. So many others admire her style, her passion and her endless determination. I guess it has helped me realize how much I tend to 'catastrophize' my situations and problems, when realistically they are merely small bumps in the road.

She is one of the main reasons I was able to wake up and smile today, as she continuously inspires me to be the 'Rebecca' others claim I am or could be. Brittni, hang in there, sunshine, good things happen to good people when least expected. And as for the realm of fashion--look world, Brittni in Black is coming for you.


  1. What a beautiful way to wake up!! And what a nice post to read!!
    I'm glad you are positive and hope you'll keep this feeling and push through any negativity that might come up!!
    And I'm really glad you have Brittni! It is sooo important to have people to trust in and recieve support!! So thanks Brittni for keeping this beautiful girl positive!! ;)
    Have a wonderful day sweets!!

  2. Love the positivity in this post.
    This girl sounds like a blessing to have in your life, and I'm sure she feels the exact same way about you! Relationships like this will be with you forever and are so important to have :)

    Keep smiling my love!

    Hannah xo

  3. Hello Darlin'

    I say this everyday when I stop by.....I love your blog, your realness and your energy. You are a high vibrating queen my friend and I love it!!

    You are so right, our days are full of beauty and we need to open our peepers to see this!! I love my life, and it keeps getting better.

    Brittani sounds like a beautiful person, you are lucky to have her and she is more than lucky to have you!


  4. jealous i wish i had woken up to that scene this morning, instead i got raining and dreary, whatever i can't control it...
    && that faith shirt! so cool :)
    i'm sending my hope and support for brittni through you, i believe she will be successful as well
    lovely post dear

  5. that really sounds like a lovely way to wake up sweetie!
    i hope you can master this situation and come out of it stronger

  6. aww i'm happy to hear about your positive start. your friend Brittni, she sounds like a doll. you are able to see clearly what a beautiful person she know you need to see the beauty in yourself, too, you treat yourself as you'd treat a dear friend. can't waste your life agonizing and torturing yourself. you've got great things on the horizon and i know you will find everything that you are looking for...

  7. this post is beautiful- first, i'm soo glad you are able to have such apsotive start to your day! and second, that you are able to recognize that you have such an amazing friend.


  8. What a beautiful post. It's amazing that you recognize the beauty in others, you're lucky to have here...but she's so lucky too to have you!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  9. You have such a beautiful blog and this is such a touching post, your truly blessed to have such a great friend who has been by your side even in the worst of times, and she it equally as blessed to have you! Keep on being Rebecca! <3 <3