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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you love?

My last post revealed a much more vulnerable side to me. Part of me hates myself for it, part of me feels proud to show it.  Either way, it's been exposed for all the blogworld to see, and that's that.

I thought about this post today and reminisced on a particular exercise done at the EDU.  I'll never forget sitting on that blanket, my eyes closed, breathing in the scent of fall and asking my partner to tell me what she loved.  The exercise was powerful, as it marked one of the first times I was able to stay present.  Today I found myself craving for someone to ask me to tell them what I love.  So, I decided to just ask myself.

"Tell me, what do you love?"
I love the shades of green found within the trees

I love the smell of summertime

I love life in color

I love my support system

I love floating with the waves in the ocean

I love Sundays-- especially during football season
(couldn't find a better picture...)

I love the rationality that told me and the strength that pushed me to schedule an evaluation at the Intensive Outpatient Program at COPE, today

Tell me, what do you love?

"No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking"-- fortune cookie


  1. It goes without saying, but I will anyway...I love you! And so proud of you for being strong enough to make that phone call. Here for you forever and ever.

  2. I love reading your posts..

    I love walking in the heat of a summer evening sometimes with gelato. I love swimming in a lake. I love cuddling up in bed with J after he's showered and his hair is still wet. I love seeing a wild animal like a bunny on the side of the bike path. I love the feeling of chocolate melting in my mouth.

  3. :-D

    I love the third quote and picture - this is what my blog is all about. I also love swings, building sandcastles, climbing trees, paddling in streams, vintage Dr Who, profound silence and toffee!


  4. i love being outside in the warmth. i love laying freely on the earth. i love wearing sunglasses.
    i have an evaluation at the linder center of hope next week, so far i haven't cancelled the appointment. i love your strength for making the call, too.
    loveee thinking of you <3

  5. I love feeling the sun on my skin, random dance parties, and the sound of my dogs tail wagging against the floor when I wake up in the morning! :)

  6. I love stretching out on my bed after a productive bed. I love slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables. I love hugging my parents. I love feeling a breeze when I'm hot.

  7. i remember this, tell me what do you love, its crazy how a simple question can ground you. im so proud of you bec. im always here for you i hope you know that.
    love you

  8. goodness girl, i miss your posts! so glad you are remembering things that can help you. i love YOU, that is what i love :]
    take care sweetie! you can totally do this. always here for you <3

  9. love that rainbow cake! reminds me of gay pride week in san diego when all the businesses in the area serve rainbow food!

    i love my daughter and hubs :)

  10. i LOVE this beautiful post and making us realize how beautiful life is. so full of love. keep it up girl!

  11. I love the sound of the rain and the smell of baking cookies. And I love this post :)

  12. Thanks for your comment! Those are such awesome photos! I just posted some of my FIRST photos with a real camera! I'm so excited!

    Hope you are getting adjusted to the new place! <3

  13. I love the smell of fresh bread and sunshine lotion, I love to watch babies and children, I love my family and friends, I love dancing, I love cooking and...I love your honesty girl! Never give up:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  14. First of all : I adored this post.
    It is important to take a time-out and think about what we love in life.
    I love life in general these days. Or more coming back to life. I love to hear the birds sing, to see the flowers come alive after the winter.
    I love to feel the sun, as well as the rain on my body. I love to see my hair grow out, and my skin start to glow once again.
    I love to see other people smile, as well as my own smile.
    I love to be aware of what is around me, and have the energy to see the beauty in it.

    Keep on focusing on what you love, and always have faith in yourself gorgeous.

  15. i love my family
    i love my job
    i love my coworkers
    i love my desire for a simple life
    i love that i hate material things
    i love football
    i love the pool
    i love grilling out
    i love around 6pm when the sun sets and everything in the world seems peaceful and quiet
    i love to make others laugh
    i love when the gardenias bloom in spring
    i love garden produce
    i love my faith

    i LOVE YOU AND THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. heyyy, i LOVE this post.

    i love color, big hair, sleeping in, coffee, real friendships, scott, (this list is in no particular order btw. otherwise i would probably put my boyfriend before 'big hair' and 'coffee' LOL), photography, poetry, my music, fashion, new york city, ice cream, .... and so much more. :D

  17. Oh what a beautiful post and great photos! I love the sunshine! :)

  18. How beautiful! I love all the photos. I love.. sitting outside on warm summer nights :)

  19. I love this post! I think you're so strong for making that call for yourself. No one can make that decision for you. I wish I had the same initiative.

    <3 Tori

  20. i LOVE that cake picture - i've never seen such prettiness!

  21. thanks so much for your lovley comment on my blog =D You are great! I can't wait to read more of your blog and get to know you better, you sound like an incredible person :)