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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's been a while, probably too long of a while, but that's life.  Nonetheless I wanted to 'check in' and process the events that have been happening in this increasingly busy and hectic life.

I'm doing well.  Wait, who am I trying to fool? I'm doing really well.  I started my new job, and although I feel like a fish out of water, I'm hanging in there.  My cases are challenging, but I'm learning and taking it one day at a time, without letting stress and anxiety overcome me-- Because I know I'm doing the best that I can, and that must be enough.  Despite the challenges I'm presented with, I absolutely love the job so far.  These kids and adolescents are the most remarkable people I've ever met, and I want nothing more than to see them thrive in this world.  I need to be patient, understanding, and willing to learn and research.  I must put them before me, and the only way I can fully provide my undivided attention is to make sure I take care of myself first.  Which I'm most certainly doing.

I've realized that there is a whole world out there, and it's within my grasp.  There is nothing I can't achieve if I can battle and successfully overcome the fear of failure, rejection and disappointment.  I am my only own worst enemy-- or I was.  Since the fall, I've learned so much about myself, which has not been an easy task.  In fact, it's been painful, challenging and upsetting to face what has been avoided for so long.  The memories that once haunted are resurfaced, the uncomfortable physical sensations (you know, the heart racing, throat closing, butterfly churning) come back and the emotions almost feel unbearable to sit with.  But I've done it. I'm working on it. And I will succeed.

I am so grateful for the friends, family and community that have supported me, unconditionally.  I've learned the value in indefinite friendships.  Even with hundreds of miles and months of separation, there are few, and greatly appreciated, people who remain close to the heart and who always come back.  I consider myself very blessed to have such an incredible support system, attributed to the fact that it's because I let them in.  I am constantly reminded that we, the human race, are needy people.  I'm needy. You're needy. We need people.  The strength of the relationships we form is immeasurable and something so special and sacred if we allow ourselves to establish that bond-- if we let others in.  Everyone goes through their personal tribulations, that can not be quantified or qualified, and must not be ignored.  Rather, it should be appreciated and shared with others.  We are needy.

In summation, I am happy, overall.  I have begun the graduate school application process, am searching for jobs for next year and hope to move into Center City by the fall.  I have much to look forward to, including a trip to Europe, several weddings and an annual family vacation.  But for now, I will continue to live in the moment, appreciating every day for what it is while keeping patience and my support system in tact.

In the following posts, I hope to elaborate more on my progress with the job, cultural, social and political issues I am interested in and time in the kitchen, in addition to my progress with my recovery!  I have rediscovered my passion for cooking/baking and have come across many appetizing creations.  

What can I say, I'm just taking bites out of life... (Cheesy new blog title?)

I first saw this on Molly's blog, and I absolutely love it. Definitely something to think about:

“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.”  


  1. love this post :) So glad you're loving life! Wanna overnight me some of those cookies? ha

  2. Love you and this post! We could be 2 tillion miles (yes, impossible) away and I would STILL need you!! :) And yum. Mail me some of that!

  3. It's great to hear that you are happy and living for the moment.
    And congratulations on the job.


  4. HERE we go - now I'm back to reading your fabulous blog :)

    Keep on enjoying and living it up in life!

  5. so glad to hear you are doing well! xo

  6. first off, so happy youre loving the new job! And yes, we all feel like a fish out of water at first, then we get into and feel awesome! You have that passion. Second, I want those bites. Look wonderful!

  7. New jobs are always so tough at the beginning (I'm still feeling new in my job)! I'm sure that you will continue to grow through the experience.

    And I love the reminder that we need eachother. Our society is growing so much toward individualism, and it's sad that we don't let others help us carry our burdens and our joys. It makes life so much more manageable and beautiful all at once. :)

  8. I have such a smile on my face reading this. It is one thing for an individual to come a long way but to recognize your progress puts you at an entirely new level. So happy for you lovely! you deserve everything wonderful that life has to offer. <3 Jessica

  9. hello! good to get to know you... it is important to recognize and show appreciation for those who love and support us, AND it is good to recognize your strength and success on this journey!

    taking bites out of life!! LOVE it!! <3

  10. wow, everything sounds wonderful for you. congratulations on the new job, future grad school & plans to move into the city - yay!

    thank you always for your lovely comments <33