Thanks For Visiting

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I want to keep this post as simple as possible.  Life is, considerably, wonderful.  I have kept a vow to myself, I have been hospital-free for over a year now and I have worked through any turmoil, fear, stress, and personal struggles with using very minimal, if any, ED behaviors.  I am letting go more and more everyday.  I am fortunate to have the most beautiful people in my life, and I won't ever take them for granted.  They keep me grounded, they keep me motivated and they push me to be inspired. To those reading this, YOU are the reason I am in such a healthy place.

Another contributing factor to my overall well-being is the organization I am so blessed to work for, The Friendship Circle.

In short, while The Friendship Circle provides services for kids and families with special needs, its values spread to and are applicable to ALL beings.  And, needless to say, I am ridiculously appreciative to be the Volunteer Coordinator for such an incredible non-profit that I myself, volunteered for as a teenager and throughout my college career.  I am strongly committed to the success of this organization and need your help!

The Friendship Circle has a chance to win $50,000! Please go to this website and scroll until you find our name (we're 6 down from the top) and click VOTE FOR THIS. You can vote once a day! Please spread the word!

We are also in the process of preparing for our annual Walk-a-thon fundraiser. Whether you can donate or join my walk team, your support is appreciated and never underestimated.

By contributing to the Friendship Circle you're not just supporting me.  You are making a considerable difference in the life of a child with special needs.  I can not put into words the impact this organization has on bettering their lives.  The kids this organization supports are special, beautiful people who deserve to live a life full of love, laughter, health and success, just as we all do.  Thank you for your continued support in both my personal and professional endeavors, I am forever grateful and appreciative.